I'm not sure I understand the whole no sugar thing?

  • I've got a few questions about the ignite and balance phases of the plan.

    1) It says no ADDED sugar - does that mean no sugar of any kind as an ingredient in any food? I saw chocolate as an ingredient in some of the recipes, which is confusing. Is there a per serving guideline? What about substitutes like honey, agave, stevia, etc?

    2) In the balance phase it says you can add some of the 'evil 6' back in - what if you don't have an issue with that particular ingredient? For instance I think I have an issue with dairy (which I love anyway!) and artificial sweetners. I don't think I have an issue with gluten or soy. I don't want to live gluten-free if I don't have an issue with it.

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    missdarcy123  about 1 year ago by: missdarcy123

    1. During ignite, you're supposed to avoid foods with added sugar; that includes honey, stevia, and agave. All of those are ingredients on the 'sneaky ingredients' list. I've seen the smoothie recipe which call for chocolate Fuel and cocoa powder; I'm not sure if there are any recipes that call for baking chocolate (although it seems unlikely since most brands also have dairy). During balance, it seems like this is loosened somewhat, to foods with no more than 10g of added sugar. Page 12 of the Ignite Quick Guide talks about this more: http://assets1.dailyburn.com/...
    2. During balance, you have a certain number of 'cheats' per week (10 or 15, depending on how much you workout). You can do whatever you want with them. The idea is that you can reintroduce each of the evil 6 to see if you do have a sensitivity to one of them, and avoid it in the future. But if you want to eat dairy, no one will stop you. (The Quick Guide also talks more about Balance).

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