I'm on day 32 of the cardio challenge. Why am I gaining weight?

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    harleyquinn93  9 months ago by: harleyquinn93

    You could be gaining muscle, muscle weighs more than fat.

    • Yolandabeat
      Yolandabeat 9 months ago

      Muscle doesn't actually weigh more than fat--a pound is a pound. However, muscle and fat occupy space in your body differently. No sure why your are gaining weight though- sorry!

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    perezr06  9 months ago by: perezr06

    A couple things:
    1. What kind of diet plan do you have? If you don't have a specific plan in place, I would highly recommend one. There are many studies (along with personal experience) that show most people who don't have accountability with their food start consuming more calories when they workout because they're burning more than before. Your body essentially plays tricks on you because it likes being comfortable and holding onto it's fat. If you're already on a good diet plan, please disregard this question, lol.
    2. Are you just using the scale, or are you actually taking measurements of your body? This will help you determine if you're gaining muscle and losing fat, or if you're packing on the pounds because your diet needs to be changed (see about question).
    Hopefully this post helps! Good luck :)

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