I m really frustrated with this website. Are these the only workouts ? where can I track my workout progress for the week?

  • I feel like each program only gives you a small selection. although there is a wide variety with all programs combined, I cant do the type of workout I want with the level of difficulty I need. ie: I love kickboxing but Box and burn is rated as easy but I wanted it to be more advanced and so I just don't bother with it. I also thought I was going to get more guidance to help me achieve my exact personal goals . Also, I thought I would have a way to track my personal progress and I can't seem to find that either. ... am I missing something? If not, I guess I will move on to a something else and cancel this trial .Nothing personal, I just need a program that is more customized to my needs and with a wider variety of workouts to choose from.

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