I m really frustrated with this website. Are these the only workouts ? where can I track my workout progress for the week?

  • I feel like each program only gives you a small selection. although there is a wide variety with all programs combined, I cant do the type of workout I want with the level of difficulty I need. ie: I love kickboxing but Box and burn is rated as easy but I wanted it to be more advanced and so I just don't bother with it. I also thought I was going to get more guidance to help me achieve my exact personal goals . Also, I thought I would have a way to track my personal progress and I can't seem to find that either. ... am I missing something? If not, I guess I will move on to a something else and cancel this trial .Nothing personal, I just need a program that is more customized to my needs and with a wider variety of workouts to choose from.

    sascha4   by: sascha4
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    bradlkm  about 1 year ago by: bradlkm

    I would suggest trying to not follow a program, but instead choosing the workout you need on any given day. Simply choose the "IntelliBurn" program, and then click "Discover Workouts" on days you don't enjoy what they are offering. If you find that going all out on Inferno or the TBT (with the most difficult modifications) is not hard enough, then you might be superhuman. :-)

    For the tracking aspects, check out some of their other apps down at the bottom of the page, especially "Tracker". Might be just what you need. Of course, weight is easy to track using just the website.

    I do wish they had a page where you could track your performance in challenges and workouts you had completed. That would be a nice edition. I would also enjoy more workout videos, but they do claim to be filming some at this moment for future additions.

    • sascha4
      sascha4 about 1 year ago

      Yeah couldn't agree more . I guess I thought this was a program that would actually almost feel like I had my own personal trainer.Helping me with my progress and tracking what I specifically need so I don't have to. Figuring out my weekly program my self is so time consuming! Im going back to fitness blender. Its free and they have thousands of workouts to choose from.

    • cj07112011
      cj07112011 about 1 year ago

      fitness blender is AWESOME!

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    jojoleb  about 1 year ago by: jojoleb

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

    • jojoleb
      jojoleb about 1 year ago

      There are about 82 workouts by my count on the site of varying levels difficulty.

      I agree with bradlkm: go to 'discover workouts' and filter by difficulty or instructor. You should be able to see the number of workouts available.

      If you are using the Android app, there doesn't seem to be a way to browse the workouts the same way you can on your PC, iPhone, Roku, etc...

      As to tracking, there is no good way to track the challenges or the workouts your have performed (and when) yet. The DB tracker app is free, but for some reason they have made it easy to input other programs (e.g. P90X videos, Insanity, Turbokick, Zumba, etc.) but have not added the DailyBurn video series under 'classes' so they are not easy to input.

    • sascha4
      sascha4 about 1 year ago

      alright thanks guys . I will check it out

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