I need a replacement for avacado in ignite recipes

  • I have a sensitivity to avacados, can you suggest a replacement food that stays within ignite bounderies?

    juju   by: juju
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    KateHough  about 2 years ago by: KateHough

    You can omit avocados in many recipes and be just fine. There isn't really a good substitute for this unique fruit.

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    JayneT7  about 2 years ago by: JayneT7

    It seems there are 3 issues here: 1. will the recipe miss it and (knowing the constituents of avocado) 2. how can I replace the good source of protein and 3. where can I get my good fats.

    Not knowing the recipes specifically I can't help on that but I can tell you there are other great sources of vegan protein. Greens are a prime example, fresh or in powdered form and a good spirulina powder will up your protein content. Spirulina is also rich in many other vitamins and minerals. You can add a teaspoon to a smoothie. In terms of good fats you will still get a lot from seeds and nuts and oils. If you choose a good quality seed oil (Udos for example) you will still be getting a lot of good essential fatty acids.

    Hope that helps :)

    • JayneT7
      JayneT7 10 months ago

      Welcome Juju :)

    • juju
      juju 10 months ago

      Thank you, this was very useful.

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