i need help

  • with this stuff i have no idea what to make and i feel like giving up i can't do shakes in the morning
    i wish there was a different list of recipes

    alliopp12   by: alliopp12
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    herwitchiness  3 months ago by: herwitchiness

    Try using other things in the shakes that are filling and feel more like a meal, or, google recipes that follow the "none of the sixes" rule. I've been putting a little bit of coconut milk in my shakes and with frozen mango hunks, some banana and a almond milk as well as the supplement, it tastes like ice cream and is so so so so filling.
    What is the particular reason shakes are a no, though, in case it's not the feeling full bit? If it's just the cold or anything like that, definitely Google some, I'd suggest, vegan gluten-free recipes that are also soy free and everything else to watch out for free, haha.

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    lanafaye  3 months ago by: lanafaye

    here are some good recipes! http://dailyburn.com/life/cat...

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