I never had a diet before & I never had a regular exercise why people drink protein shakes? is it going to help me to lose weight?

  • I'm now cutting carbs, just eating healthy but wondering if those shakes going to do something else!

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    begregoi  over 1 year ago by: begregoi

    There a lot of things that protein will help with like building muscle, but for weight loss specifically its been my experience that eating protein will help you feel full longer, and the protein shakes are just an easy way to get 20-30 grams of protein with little effort. You could go without shakes just fine, but sometimes getting enough protein with just food can be challenging or boring. I know after a month of eating 3-4 eggs every morning I got a little tired of cooking and eating them. Adding a shake in the morning instead was a good alterative.

    • Angelica686
      Angelica686 10 months ago

      The shakes are just an easy way to quickly get some nutrients, especially protein. It's a better choice for days I don't have time to cook. Chocolate shake is 170 cal per serving vs. one bagel and cream cheese is more like 450-500 calories. So calories in, calories out. The shake makes it easier to stay within 1200 to 1500 calories a day.

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