I started at intermediate but am having trouble. Can I go back to beginner?

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    lppony8  3 months ago by: lppony8

    Yes you can. Click on the workout tabs at the top and click on the one you want. I would suggest true beginner, then it will ask to confirm you want to change your workout program. Hope that helps.

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    grizzlygibbs  3 months ago by: grizzlygibbs

    Absolutely! If you push yourself too hard and fast you can injure yourself. Ippony8 gave good instructions for selecting another workout. What workout did you start with?

    • sunshinegirllas
      sunshinegirllas 3 months ago

      Thank you! I can't remember but it was one with a lot of lunges and my legs killed me for 2 days. I checked out the true beginner and that looked too easy. I think I will just stick to intermediate and take it easy. :)

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