I started Intelliburn yesterday & the same video appears that I did yesterday.

  • How do I get to the next video? I saw others posted similar questions but it doesn't seem like this issue has been resolved. Please advise. Thanks!

    eupad   by: eupad
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    TamaraDailyBurn  about 1 year ago by: TamaraDailyBurn

    Intelliburn is our only program that does not have a preset schedule. It uses an algorithm we use to choose the following day's workout for you. It uses your gender, age, and your progress during the current day's workout to decide the following day's workout. There will be times where you are asked to do the same Intelliburn workout twice because the program recommends you to do it.

    In addition, las with all our workouts please be sure to let the the video end naturally. What this means is, that if the video is stopped manually, it will cause the workout to not advance to the following the day's workout. So even if a video stops on the 1 second marker, our system will not be able to register it as a completed workout and you will see the exact same workout the following day. Please be sure to let the video(s) end naturally, until it asks you to "Rate This Workout", in order for our system to register it as completed.

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