I started the Inferno....I started on wednesday....on friday, I did yoga...I went out of town

  • I missed the two workouts after yoga......on Monday, should I start all over or start on Metcon 2? where should I start?

    marhgobb   by: marhgobb
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    RWinzer  over 2 years ago by: RWinzer

    If you follow the ones that just come up on your program, just jump back in with whatever work out is served up that day. I tend to do "Discover" and change the workouts on days when I have less time or prefer a different workout and switch to something else. The key thing is that you're doing it....obviously you can't do "recovery" every day...I try to mix up the more aerobic intense with the strength building and then recovery in between or as an extra workout.

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    andysmith  over 2 years ago by: andysmith

    I think the important thing is that you jump in an do a workout. Inferno is designed to be 21-days all out - If you miss more than a few it probably doesn't hurt to start over and make sure you can give it a real 21 day challenge.

    But, Discover is a good option too.

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