I started True Beginner about 5 days ago, should I be pairing other home workouts with it? Some days I feel like I can do more.

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    papercut2k  6 months ago by: papercut2k

    I did True Beginner. Sometimes, I hit the discover button and try out another exercise or do some other general calisthenics if I had energy to burn and some time.

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    koiandcrane  6 months ago by: koiandcrane

    It all depends on you. If you feel like you can do more, go for it! Some days I just restart my True Beginner from the beginning and do it again. Other days I am worn out and done. I found the other workouts to be a bit difficult at my stage, but try them out and see what you can handle.

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    vandens  6 months ago by: vandens

    I did True Beginner for about a week but I didn’t feel like it was helping me so I switched to Cardio Sculpt. It’s not too challenging but you definitely feel accomplished afterwards. My personal favorite is the kickboxing part (Kickin’ it with Keaira)! They also do modifications for if you don’t have the equipment that they use.

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