I started weight watchers last month and doing this on top of going to the gym. Is subscribing to ignite a good idea right now?

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    juju  about 2 years ago by: juju

    Yes. Weight Watchers has no dietary restrictions, so you are free to eat what ever you like as long as you stay with -in your points range, so you can easily follow both programs, just count your points. However; Ignite is very restrictive, if you want the freedom to eat 15 points of cake a day, Ignite is not the plan for you.
    I'm doing ignite and have done WW at least 3 times, I would choose Ignite over WW if it came down to it. It's cheaper and the results are a lot more complex than weight loss. After about a week, you'll feel great, have tons of energy and find your cravings for, whatever you crave that you shouldn't, have diminished significantly. And, you don't have to count ANYTHING. No calories and no points. It's only $5 a month more than just getting the workouts, how much is WW?

    • scvb13
      scvb13 10 months ago

      BTW...I've dropped 2 lbs. in just 2 days on Ignite already! And it took me a month on WW to lose 4 lbs. just prior to this.

    • scvb13
      scvb13 10 months ago

      I just dropped my WW subscription to sign up for DB and Ignite, to me Ignite teaches one to eat much more healthfully and WW doesn't really force that issue. I found I was always hungry on WW and I'm on Day 3 of Ignite and doing pretty well (Day 2 was tough though).

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