I suffer from Hypothyroid

  • I want to add yoga at least two to three times a week to my routine to change it up n I heard that the breathing techniques would help with my throid as well as my weight loss goal of being a healtier me. Are there any specifi videos , not poses on your website that are good for someone with my condition. BTW, yes I'm and medically treating my thyroid, but there are still so many of areas in my life affected by the thyroid that a little pill cant cure.

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    karsenslater  over 1 year ago by: karsenslater

    I am not sure about specific videos as I haven't tried them all yet and I don't know enough about hypothyroid, sorry. But perhaps you could ask your doctor? They might be able to tell you what to look for, and then you could look through the yoga videos as each one tells you what the workout will entail. Good luck!

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    hcreel  over 1 year ago by: hcreel

    I have hypothyroid as well. I practice Yoga at least twice a week, using my own routine. I think any type of Yoga will benefit you, as it helps with your overall body health. I know that when I started doing Yoga, I felt great! It was like someone turned on the energy switch in my body. I sleep better, and I am not so anxious. Give Yoga a try! :)

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