I suffer with a lot of joint pain in my knees, I am wondering what types of excersise you can recomend that doesn't put pressure on them

  • I took and still do take dance class and I fell when I was 17 and really damaged my knee. I need workouts that will not put pressure on my knees even doing a squat can really hurt sometimes.

    balletstar   by: balletstar
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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    Have you been to the dr for a proper diagnosis? Sometimes physical therapy is really needed to strengthen the joint before returning to activity. We want to keep you healthy and strong!

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    phormalitize  over 1 year ago by: phormalitize

    I really love yoga for being able to stretch and strengthen knees while also respecting the limitations of your body. The instructors can help you to understand modifications that eliminate pain and bad kinds of pressure and strain on your knee joints. Some yoga routines I've done are entirely focused around helping your knee joints strengthen/heal. I really recommend it both for recovering from injuries, as well as preventing them!

    • Bawana
      Bawana about 1 year ago

      follow your instinks and listen to the pain when it comes. I had scopes, shots and double paritial knee replacements, and am doing well coming up on three years in May.

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