I travel on average two to three weeks out of every month. The challange is eating on the road, does anyone have any suggestions?

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    stefanniehall  over 1 year ago by: stefanniehall

    The best way to eat right on the road is to first see what city your going be in, find the closest market or resturants who make healthy soups and salads during lunch this can be done using the great app Yelp*. The app will let you see the markets and restaurants in your area, checkout the menu, and get real customer views on they style of food, cost, experience etc.

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    nithya22  over 1 year ago by: nithya22

    I recently did a business trip for almost a week and was very worried about this as well!

    Breakfast: I pureed some berries, packed it in a zip lock tupperware and stored it along with almond milk in the mini bar fridge. I took zip lock baggies of protein powder and shook the berries, almond milk, powder and water in a big water bottle to have my morning shake.

    Lunch/ Dinner: I look for gluten free options on restaurant menus. Then I ask the server to take out any cheese or other dairy products. That has generally worked for me - I don't get stuck on salad all the time, and generally get some meat and veggies in :)

    I hope that helps!

    • josephrparks
      josephrparks over 1 year ago

      I do know were I am going, but sometimes I do go over seas, so taking stuff with me may not work. But I will try it on local runs. Thanks

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    Kaybeezie  over 1 year ago by: Kaybeezie

    Whenever I eat out it usually tends to be Chipotle, Elevation Burger, and Taco Cabana. Corn tortillas are usually okay as long as they're home made. Elevation Burger's lettuce rapped burgers are actually pretty excellent with their dijon balsamic sauce (just messy!). I'm sure there's other grass fed burger joints out there that will do the same thing (some that have sweet potato fries).

    • josephrparks
      josephrparks over 1 year ago

      I will look around for this kind of place. Thanks

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