I've been doing Cory's Mobility 15 and Judy's Supreme Stretch (I'm in the Cardio Sculpt program) and I'm looking to add more variety to my

  • routine. What do other people do to warm up? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    cinephile23   by: cinephile23
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    swimjim  11 months ago by: swimjim

    I have been doing the same thing; I alternate between the Mobility 15 and the Supreme Stretch in the morning before doing my scheduled workout. I tried the Full Mobility, I'm just too heavy to support my body on my arms for the sit-throughs.

    • cinephile23
      cinephile23 10 months ago

      Cool. Thanks for answering my question. I understand. The full mobility does have that whole rocking on to your back bit.
      I think that I can do the DBKs with the kettle ball. On a whim I also tried Kiera's Move15 dance around the world. It was categorized as "easy" and I was able to do with some modification. It's all standing upright and the moves are simple to follow. It's empowering to try something new and succeed. How long have you been with Daily Burn?

    • swimjim
      swimjim 10 months ago

      I just took a look at the DBK Turkish Getup and the Swing Clinics, they both look like they could be good "wake-up"/loosen up routines.

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