I've been on Ignite for 4 days, have not lost any weight yet, and feel very bloated by the end of the day.

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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    Stick with it and don't weigh yourself for another few days. Once a week is best, I find. Your weight can actually fluctuate 3 - 5 lbs throughout the day depending upon your hydration levels, sodium intake, bowel movement (gross but true), etc.

    Also, clothing fit is another great indicator or progress over time. At the end of Ignite, try on a pair of pants that were previously snug around the waist, and you will most likely be pleasantly surprised! :)

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    chrisminniti  over 1 year ago by: chrisminniti

    It takes time. Be patient. Your diet could be equally responsible for this.

    • Bawana
      Bawana over 1 year ago

      amount of food matters also.
      More fruit and vegatables is always good.
      A friend lost much weight by drinking more water, it helps to flush your system.

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    Bawana  over 1 year ago by: Bawana

    Have you been doing the shakes? Give it time, may not see real results for a few weeks, but don't give up. I platoed on a certain weight doing the same excersise...I talked to a guy at the gym about it and he said well how often do you excersise, I told him three days, he said throw in another day and see what happens, sure enough my weight dropped for a time then I went to three days again and have not lost weight sence. Daily burn is everyday, so I hope it works, I have only been doing it myself for two weeks.

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    pbarfield  over 1 year ago by: pbarfield

    If you are drinking shakes, you may want to gently and slowly stir them, make them the night before and mix lightly just before drinking, or let them sit for 30 minutes or so after blending/shaking. The blending/shaking can add lots of air and make you feel bloated.

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