I was just curious how many people on here have actually used this and lost weight.

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    daniellerae86  26 days ago by: daniellerae86

    Been using since January and lost almost 45lbs. Combined this with MyFitnessPal for calorie counting and keep going. I am about 5 lbs away from my first goal of 250. Once there I am aiming for 225 so I can be within the weight limit for sky diving, which is my ultimate goal.

    • Trigun621
      Trigun621 25 days ago

      Awesome. Way to go! On that fitnessPal is great app. I was using that; but I switch to the Lose It app. There both equal great. Keep up the EPIC journey.

    • KendraDailyBurn
      KendraDailyBurn 25 days ago

      Congrats @daniellerae86 ! That's fantastic! How do you feel? We're right there with you!!

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    mrswombles  26 days ago by: mrswombles

    Yes! I have been doing it for less than a month and have already seen results. Mind you, the first couple of weeks I was inconsistent. I skipped several days between workouts. As a result, my weight loss number is not very impressive. However, I really upped my commitment over the past two weeks and I can see and feel a difference already! My muscle tone, coordination, and flexibility have improved. I am in a much better mood. And although my muscles are sore from working out, it is so much better than the aches and stiffness I had from being stressed and sedentary.

    • KendraDailyBurn
      KendraDailyBurn 26 days ago

      What a great attitude! Go get it, we're right behind you!!

    • Mouthylegs
      Mouthylegs 10 days ago

      This is really encouraging because I see my aches and stiffness are from being stressed (and depressed) and sedentary and not from being old! I can totally do this!

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    erinkking  27 days ago by: erinkking

    I will say that dailyburn has helped me maintain my weight, but I have also noticed a big improvement in my endurance and strength. I do not have a weight loss goal, but a toning and maintenance goal. I have enjoyed the work outs. I also love the community aspect and the trainers I think are really good. I just finished the Inferno workout series. I will say I noticed the difference after finishing that workout series. I lost 5 pounds and my clothes fit better.

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    AltGirlTX  27 days ago by: AltGirlTX

    I have been using Daily Burn since the end of December and have lost 38 lbs and 4 dress sizes since starting it. I've only done the workouts and not Ignite, since I had been following a diet / health regimen for six months before joining and was already eating really clean.

    I started with True Beginner since I had only been doing my treadmill in the six months before that and wasn't sure about my ability to keep up with full-on cardio workouts, but then I moved on to Cardio Sculpt, Total Cardio, and now I'm doing Intelliburn. Obviously I've lost weight, but I've seen a huge change in my cardiovascular health, toning, and strength since joining as well.

    I hope that's helpful. I'm happy to answer any questions. Good luck!

    • Jeffandailyburn
      Jeffandailyburn 27 days ago

      One of the main differences between Ignite and other “diets” is that with Ignite
      you focus on food quality more than food quantity. Most diets are based on
      pure calorie-restriction; they help you lose weight only by limiting the amount
      of food you eat. These diets rarely work for very long because you always feel
      hungry and deprived. It’s a big reason that so many diets fail.

    • AltGirlTX
      AltGirlTX 27 days ago

      Hi Jeff - Sorry if I wasn't clear in my response to vanityundead. I wasn't disparaging Ignite, just letting her know that I don't have experience with it to give her feedback one way or another.

      Although I used the word "diet" in my reply, I meant it in the broad sense of what one eats. I didn't follow a "diet plan" but changed what I ate to be healthier and cleaner.

      Sorry for the confusion!

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    donnadavies  26 days ago by: donnadavies

    I have lost 20 lbs that I have been carrying around for awhile and nothing else was working. The Ignite Diet with the workouts are definitely a way to lose some unwanted pounds.

    • donnadavies
      donnadavies 23 days ago

      Thanks Kendra! I didn't have that much to lose but it still feels great having finally getting rid of the 20! I want my Daily Burn Shake Supplement back though!!! When will it be here?

    • KendraDailyBurn
      KendraDailyBurn 22 days ago

      We're super excited to share our new line - thanks for your patience!! Shouldn't be long now!!

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    Neptune8265  26 days ago by: Neptune8265

    20 lbs in 45 days, 15 of those lbs were after starting Daily Burn using True Beginner I'm on day 30. The first few weeks I simply made food adjustments; DB has really kicked it into gear. Honestly it makes the goal of removing 175lbs from my body achievable.

    • KendraDailyBurn
      KendraDailyBurn 22 days ago

      I like that mantra a lot Neptune8265 !! You GOT this! Let's chat more about your journey and potential DB opportunities Success@dailyburn.com

    • MelanieMak
      MelanieMak 22 days ago

      Neptune8265 that is inspiring! I'm trying to lose 100 and I think the fact that you're working on this staying strong is amazing. Congratulations.

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    lmartin1961  22 days ago by: lmartin1961

    I just did my first workout and I'm sweating like crazy. I've tried other video programs and never broke a sweat. I'm excited.

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    dlawrence  21 days ago by: dlawrence

    I did the entire 90 day routine for Insanity. Good results re toning and weight loss. The problem was that the 90 days consisted of almost identical routines day in and day out with limited variety. Been doing the Inferno, Daily Burn and am only on the third week. Love the variety and challenge. I must say it is more challenging than the other routines I have done. I have lost 5 pounds almost immediately (182 down to 178 and am 5'11"). Keep in mind that as you increase muscle tone, especially the core strength, you might not loose the pounds you were looking for but will become leaner and more fit.

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    Trigun621  26 days ago by: Trigun621

    Yes. I lost 5lbs this month. My workout program is Cardio Sculpt.

    • Redfruit
      Redfruit 18 days ago

      I weigh 243 lbs and my goal is 170 and I am 5'8. This is my 3rd day doing Dailyburn and I can honestly feel the burn. I injured my ankle in January while walking up a hill, so to start working out again is really big for me. I have been afraid to workout again, since my injury, but I am tired of looking at my body the way it is. I really enjoy Cardio Sculpt and I am looking forward to tomorrows work out. I am trying to be very hopeful and take it one day at a time. Can't wait to see the old me again.

    • KendraDailyBurn
      KendraDailyBurn 15 days ago

      Good for you Redfruit!! We're thrilled to have you on the team!

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