I was wondering when the new videos are slated to be released?

  • I've been a DailyBurn user for almost a year and I haven't seen any new videos for months. I do admit that I'm very happy with most workouts so I don't rate them badly at the end, especially since I have been able to "Discover" and get the workouts that fit the time that I have available to workout. I'm looking forward to trying something new!! :)

    jessithemom   by: jessithemom
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    Anthony  almost 2 years ago by: Anthony

    We've started shooting them already but since there's going to be so many of them, it's tough to say when they'll be finished. We're aiming for November/December, but it may be a little sooner or a little later than this. We're trying our best to make it a fast process but at the same time, we don't want to rush the quality of the workouts. We promise you, it'll be well worth the wait though.

    • slshaw23
      slshaw23 almost 2 years ago

      That's great! I can't wait!

    • fabulosity
      fabulosity almost 2 years ago

      How can I be a trainer on the daily burn??

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    kawaiola  almost 2 years ago by: kawaiola

    I can't wait! You should tease us with a few hints or promos of what's to come -- I'll be even more excited :)

    • susyq1969
      susyq1969 almost 2 years ago

      I thought you had to move up levels to get more videos1 this is great news! I can't wait!

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