I wasn't hungry a lot when I started ignite, but now about a week in, I'm eating more.

  • Is this normal for me to want to eat three meals and two to three small snacks a day?? I feel hungry more often now.

    healthguru91   by: healthguru91
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    joeshorette  about 1 year ago by: joeshorette

    Yes. please eat more! even when trying to burn more calories than eaten, we need to eat an adequate amount. As long as your calories are good, lean protein, vegtables(fresh or frozen), and legumes(beans). if you dont eat enough for a few days and then eat more than normal, your body will store those calories as fat and everything you've worked to achieve will go to waste. You are on the right track, 5-6 meals spaced out evenly will actually burn more calories!!

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    sld21  about 1 year ago by: sld21

    Yes! And its great news. It means your metabolism is really starting to kick it up a notch. As long as you are making good food choices eating more is going to accelerate results. Think if your metabolism like a fire, if you don't feed the fire it will burn less and less then go out, you'll stop burning fat and your body will store ad go into starvation mode. Hope this helps!

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