Iam new to Pescetarianism,but trying to transition over to being Vegetarian. Any tips you guys can help me with?

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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    It's fairly easy to make this leap, but it depends on what you struggle with. Id it hard for you to find recipes? Are you worried about not getting enough protein?

    • mrsholley92
      mrsholley92 over 1 year ago

      yea im worried about both. Mainly about the protein. I've heard that you have to take a bunch of vitamins :( im a not a 'pill' person, they're too hard to swallow. How many pills/vitamins do i have to take and is there an easier way? I know you can eat peanuts or nuts in general to get protein,but it contains alot of fat. Any suggestions with the 'protein' part?

    • JayneT7
      JayneT7 over 1 year ago

      I've tried posting this a few times. Hopefully this time it will be sent!

      It's not so much the protein you ingest as the protein you absorb. Plant based proteins can be easier for the body to break down and absorb than animal based ones, especially if the gut still has a lot of build up from a life time of gluten. It's a common misconception that the body needs a lot of protein, and also that this is mostly available from animal products. If I remember correctly even Arnold Schwarzenegger said something once about broccoli being 50% protein (protein according to calories) and how he only had a few grams of protein a day.

      Superfoods are great if you are worried in the early stages of transition. For example spirulina is one of the most protein rich food sources known to man which is why nutritionists suggest a shot of that, or similar green powders, before a meal to encourage weight loss because protein does wonders to help you feel full. Equally green powders and superfoods help alkalise your body and thus shed fat faster. You don't have to take pills. You can add them to shakes and plain water if you find yummy green powders. Animal products add acid to the body and can upset the delicate ph balance if not eaten in balance with other ingredients (aka lots of veg). To add insult to injury in much the same way your car needs oil to protect it from corrosion, our bodies hold fat to protect it from too much acid. So alkalising - eating our veg - actually gives us more protein than we realise.

      Whilst I know this isn't the path you are going down, because of the similarities with the protein issue, my advice would be to research vegan diets and alkaline diets. If you really want a healthy dollop of inspiration just type 'vegan athletes' into Google or even Facebook. There are tons of them ranging from ultra runners to body builders to Olympians.

      Good luck!

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    JayneT7  over 1 year ago by: JayneT7

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