Idea for diet plans for a teen on a budget?

  • I'm 17, still live at home and don't really have much choice in what sort of foods I can eat. I mean, I tried the Special K diet because my mom said it was alright but I need to eat better.. Any idea for cheap, healthy foods I can eat and buy?

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    kortdev13  over 1 year ago by: kortdev13

    I'm on WeightWatchers right now. It's about $20/month for membership, but the online tools they give you are more than worth it. You can modify the diet to however you eat right now. It's all about portion control. And there's no restrictions on how much food you can eat, as long as it fruits and vegetables. There's plenty of recipes on there, and online groups with similar backgrounds or interests that you can become a part of as part of your support network. There's also fitness challenges you can participate in, those are my favorite! I lost about 50 lbs when I first joined it, and I'm still for maintenance.

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    cefanter  over 1 year ago by: cefanter

    I totally understand this, its hard to control what you eat when you're not the one paying for the groceries. And parents don't like to spend money on expensive grocery items. My suggestion is to get involved with the meal planning at home. Encourage your parents to buy frozen fish filets, skinless chicken breasts, and ground turkey. Lemon juice, garlic, are salt are great ways to add flavor, and I completely recommend using herb mixes such as the Mrs Dash varieties. Veggies can also be great, Asparagus, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, you name it, are delicious when tossed with olive oil, sea salt and black pepper and then roasted in the oven. Also, you can throw a variety of veggies, such as mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, in a pan and sauté them with a little olive oil and herb seasoning. Sometimes, I'll throw a little brown rice. Most important, Take the time to look up recipe ideas with simple ingredients and compile a list that your family might already buy. And help in the cooking process. That way you will have control over what you eat, and you learn more about flavors that you like. Good luck!

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    Fordek51  about 1 year ago by: Fordek51

    Special K is full of chemicals. Look into paleo. Or caveman diet. It cuts out processed junk and has you eating mainly meats fruits and veggies. No carbs or dairy. No membership needed, lots of free online support and recipes. Even just loosely following it will help. I haven't spent money on the organic stuff yet but I'm still seeing results.

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