If I miss a day, do I do the missed program the next day?

  • Hi there- if I miss a day, do I get to do the missed program the next day, pushing forward the schedule? Or do I miss that workout?

    joannaross   by: joannaross
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    TheodoraDailyBurn  about 1 month ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    Hi there - we don't currently have functionality for you to go back to missed workouts, unless you'd like to use the Discover function to catch up.

    • Moserkellie
      Moserkellie about 1 month ago

      What is the discover function?

    • TKDJedi
      TKDJedi about 1 month ago

      Hey Moserkellie, the Discover function is under the main WORKOUTS menu and has the magnifying glass icon next to DISCOVER. This function allows you to pick any DailyBurn full session and try it out without interrupting or changing your current program that you are following.

      For example, I am doing the TBT Program. However, some days I don't need to do the recovery workout that they have scheduled for that day. So instead I will go to the Discovery function and select a different Recovery day workout that I am needing, like yoga let's say. Then the next day I go back to my original TBT program and it gives me the next workout in the Program.

      I have also done more than one workout per day, and by using the Discover function I don't have to interrupt my normal program to do the second one. Also, I am encouraging my spouse to try it and she is able to use the Discovery function to try different programs to see if DailyBurn is for her.

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    natombomb  about 1 month ago by: natombomb

    If I miss a day, I use the calendar feature to go back and hit a workout. I only double up if I think my body can handle it without injury. Sometimes I save my missed day for my 'off day' when programs have them scheduled.

    • maryhoffman
      maryhoffman 1 day ago

      Where is the calendar feature?

    • natombomb
      natombomb 1 day ago

      The calendar feature is accessible from the web application. Selecting Workouts, you'll see the days of your program tracked, followed by a 'you're calendar' link.

      If you want to view it via a mobile web browser, you can bypass the daily burn mobile message by typing in this url: dailyburn.com/workouts/calendar

      Hope this helps!

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