If I start on protein as a meal replacement, do I have to drink it everyday as a meal replacement? I mean I still love breakfast...

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    TKDJedi  11 months ago by: TKDJedi

    Though I haven't done the protein shakes I would venture to say No, you don't have to give up breakfast now and again. I have breakfast (almost) every morning which usually includes an all natural almond milk unsweetenend fruit smoothy and then eggs from our chickens. I love breakfast too and will sometimes have pancakes with the kids, though I make our syrup now. If I had the means to do the protein shakes along with my breakfast I would have back when I started. Keeping looking for answers on the right balance for you, but don't give up on a good healthy (& maybe sometimes not-so-healthy) breakfast. That's why we take care of our bodies in ways beyond just what we eat, so we can enjoy life and hit those tough times running.

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