Ignite Boards/Recipes on Pinterest?

  • Are any of you fellow Ignite followers posting recipies on Pinterest that are free of the "Evil 6" ... I was thinking about starting a board with such listings...

    hcreel   by: hcreel
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    marizzo  over 1 year ago by: marizzo

    ummm. AWESOME idea. I've been scouring Pinterest and Foodgawker for ideas! I'll make a board called "ignite recipes" if anyone is interested :) My link is pinterest.com/marissa_says

    pot your links and I will be sure to follow you!!

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    rhaden  over 1 year ago by: rhaden

    Great idea! I'm not doing that, but I'd sure follow yours.

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    helloteenahh  over 1 year ago by: helloteenahh

    I pinned a variety of food to my board; some recipes are meant for ignite and some I pinned recently are for the balance stage (which is where I am at). Hope this helps: http://pinterest.com/hellotee...

    • rhaden
      rhaden over 1 year ago

      I'm following you now -- love the idea of cucumber cups instead of bread to save those gluten points.

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    hcreel  over 1 year ago by: hcreel

    I created one here to, and I will follow all of yours :) Thanks! http://pinterest.com/hollycha...

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