Ignite Diet Seems More than Just Eliminating Evil 6

  • I'm a bit confused... The six evil ingredients we cannot eat are soy, gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners.... Why then, are we restricted to way more than that? I didn't read all the articles to begin with, but as I've gone on, it's seriously misleading. It's giving me the impression that I can't have potatoes or corn too.... I ate taco shells last night made out of corn, and I had white potatoes in my beef stew the other night.... I'm just really confused right now and feel like this detox diet is misleading. If we are just cutting out the evil 6, then I should be able to eat popcorn and chips... Obviously, they are not what's best for you, but I'm just saying I SHOULD be able to eat them. And on the grocery approved list, it says brown rice. But I have a huge bag of white jasmine rice at home, which I am going to eat.

    sunshineshadow   by: sunshineshadow
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    dmcdaniel01  about 1 month ago by: dmcdaniel01

    I agree, the restrictions make it very hard to shop. Reading the ingredients in foods almost anything premade had atleast some type of sugar, dairy or soy in it. I thought popcorn would be okay too. I am going to try but have a feeling I will be "reigniting" every week.

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    Mrsdixieglass  23 days ago by: Mrsdixieglass

    From what I read, there are foods that don't have the evil 6 like french fries, however, if you an approved watermelon, the entire thing, you will take in a lot of calories even though is approved. You have to be true to yourself. White rice is sugar. It turns to sugar once metabolized in your system which is why you can't have it, so does white potatoes. Just stick to lean meats and veggies and you will soon be able to do more "white" carbs on the balance.

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    TamaraDailyBurn  3 months ago by: TamaraDailyBurn

    To clear up the confusion, Ignite is about eating how we believe you were meant to eat so you can live the life you were meant to live.

    The Ignite phase is a 21-day removal program where you completely eliminate the “Evil 6” and do not cheat for the 21-day period. You're not just cutting out the Evil 6 and eating everything else that is available to you. Page 8 in the DailyBurn Ignite Quick Guide lists the entire grocery list of foods allowed on this plan. Unfortunately taco shells, white potatoes, popcorn and white jasmine rice are not listed. If you would like to complete the Ignite phase through to the Balance phase, you will need to read and follow the guides and articles provided in the Resources section.

    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, you can reach out to us at mailto:support@dailyburn.com

    • Flamoreux
      Flamoreux 3 months ago

      Although I understand the requirement for leaving out the white potatoes and white rice, etc., the food list is a bit confusing as it does not list eggs, but eggs are an ingredient in a lot of the "ignite approved recipes" you have on the website. It also lists "Best Fruits" but isn't clear if these are the only fruits that should be eaten or just the ones that can be eaten more frequently. I think using common sense most of the time I can figure out what I should and shouldn't eat on ignite, but the list could use some clarification.

    • koryjane1979
      koryjane1979 27 days ago

      I did clean eating for a long time and I do have some issues with stating you can't even have natural fruits and vegetables. I just concentrate on the "evil 6" and I don't stress so much about what vegetable or fruit is the best or not. In my opinion any fruit or vegetable is better than eating any processed foods. Just do what you feel comfortable with.

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