Anyone have any motivational tricks to help me out of my slump?

  • Im having an issue staying motivated. I know I shouldnt be paying so much attention to scale numbers but how my clothes fit and how I feel but if the scale doesnt really change in 3 months of kicking my rear working out.. I get a bit bummed.

    Jewlzm   by: Jewlzm
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    walkinlooove  almost 3 years ago by: walkinlooove

    the best argument I've ever read against the scale is in this article (the pictures alone speak for themselves):

    • mmj614
      mmj614 over 2 years ago

      I love that article walkinlooove! I'm going to share it with other scale-frustrated friends. Thanks!

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    maggieleigh  almost 3 years ago by: maggieleigh

    Have you noticed any changes in strength or endurance? Not seeing the scale budge but being able to lift heavier weights or run longer can be motivational.

    Side note - are you tracking what you're eating?

    • Jewlzm
      Jewlzm almost 3 years ago

      I am seeing strength and endurance changes.. some visible body changes but for some reason the scale hasnt really changed in months it keeps bouncing back and forth by 3 pounds (losing and gaining the same 3 over and over). I have changed up diet to a cleaner healthier diet and I track what I eat. I have changed workout in length and intensity. I cant seem to change being hung up on what the scale says.

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    sbrobin  almost 3 years ago by: sbrobin

    I'd suggest you start taking some pictures. That is one of the best ways to see actual changes if you can't tell by the scale. I'll do pictures about every 90 days. My scale can be deceiving, so pictures along with measurements is one of the only ways I can see a difference.

    You can always throw your scale away. Or take the batteries out and put it in your attic. You have to get out of the mindset that how much you weigh is important. Instead of writing down how much you weigh, write down how much more weight you lifted or how much easier a workout has become for you.

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    Bathsheba  over 2 years ago by: Bathsheba

    Use pictures, measurements, body fat percentage, resting heart rate (a measure of cardio endurance) and things like the push up and burpee challenges here as fitness monitors and motivators. I am ALWAYS the same weight but that weight can mean very different things depending on my fitness activity. I have a feeling you are going to see how far your have come here very very easily if you focus on these things instead.

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    willywalter  over 2 years ago by: willywalter

    I ran across this article and it was really encouraging for me.


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    sgarc90  almost 3 years ago by: sgarc90

    I gave up on the scale,. that little bugger lies. I used to weight myself every morning. At first I could not wait to see how much I lost. I dropped the first 15 pounds then it seemed to stop. I was getting ready for work and my wife says " we need to get you a new belt that ones to big for you"
    Even thou I was not seeing the results; I wanted from the scale there were other little signs I missed, worrying about the scale.

    My suggestion is to take a step back and evaluate your overall health. Don't let that scale stop you.

    • sammiebabie333
      sammiebabie333 over 2 years ago

      Mine is a chronic liar as well! We must have purchased them at the same liar store! Wonder if I can get a refund???!! ;)

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