im not sure which program to use or where to start ? I never worked out before but rally dedicated to loose some weight help!

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    anjag  3 months ago by: anjag

    if you have never worked out before, True Beginner is a great place to start!! then you can build yourself up to Cardio sculpt and the other programs! Hope this helps :)

    • phillyknockout
      phillyknockout 3 months ago

      I'm with jaklocko I started the true beginner after not exercising since the summer. I have back/neck problems so I had basically had to start all over again. I used to do 5 miles a day speed walking but now I'm trying to daily burn something I can do everyday in front of my television.

    • martann
      martann 3 months ago

      yup, start at the beginning.

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    martann  3 months ago by: martann

    it's lose, not loose by the way.

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