Incorporating WTF workouts into inferno?

  • Is there a good way to incorporate the WTF workouts into inferno? Would it be too much to do them on recovery days? Or if I do one of the regular inferno workouts in the morning, doing a WTF workout in the evening of the same day?

    berus07   by: berus07
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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    if you feel strong and up to it doing a WTF in the evening would be fine! Have you gone through Inferno already? i would advocate for keeping your recovery days and adding the WTF like i said whenever you feel good on the other days! hope this helps!

    • berus07
      berus07 10 months ago

      Thanks! :) Yeah, I have gone through it before but its been a couple months since the last time I went through it.

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