Inferno or TBT??

  • I am undecided about the two programs as my first. I am in relatively good shape but not great. The benefits of each are a bit hard to decipher and differentiate. I like the no equipment idea for TBT as I have zero equipment and would have to go to the gym or buy expensive gear to do Inferno.

    I am 6'1" 175lbs and would like to actually level out between my current weight and 180lbs, just more muscle.

    What are you thoughts on the two programs? What is the most ideal one to do at home?

    HyndeSyte2020   by: HyndeSyte2020
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    Drmonroedvm  over 2 years ago by: Drmonroedvm

    I've been doing TBT and loving it. My goal is to get stronger and the varying levels for each exercise has been helpful in gauging my own body's fitness that day. Also, it IS nice to have workouts that require no equpiment, but you should pick what feels best for you.

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