Ignite-safe Chinese food

  • Wow. Four days in and I'm feeling really good. My skin is clearing up and I've lost weight (though I think this may be more due to the fact that I'm unable to just pick anything up and eat it). But now I have a mom's night out scheduled and need to know if anything might be safe here: http://www.asia-bistro.com/menu/

    Anyone willing to help me out? I could try to just not eat anything, but I know from past experience I do better if I can eat when others are eating.

    bohdel   by: bohdel
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    andysmith  over 1 year ago by: andysmith

    The first thing I think about with asian food is - beware the hidden soy!

    Do you like sushi? That's pretty Ignite friendly. Take some coconut aminos if you want to have something similar to soy sauce. Also watch out for california roll because most of the time the imitation crab has wheat in it...

    • bohdel
      bohdel over 1 year ago

      Thanks, Andy! I was concerned the sushi might have soy. I love sushi, and it's so easy to eat slowly, even in a group.

    • bohdel
      bohdel over 1 year ago

      Thanks, Andy! I was afraid the sushi might have soy, but I do love sushi and find it easy to eat mindfully, even in a group.

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