IntelliBurn Calorie Burn Accuracy?

  • I have been working out a long time, I know approximately what I burn doing different types of activity. I also use a heartrate monitor so I can accurately calculate my burn for a workout or activity. I have found that Intelliburn is really inaccurate for my burn numbers. Most of the time it's waaay too low but there are two workouts where it's over.

    Anybody else find the numbers not to be very accurate?

    ashleystone   by: ashleystone
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    andysmith  over 2 years ago by: andysmith

    It's a tricky thing to calculate calories. In fact, you will find that things like cardio machines don't do as good as you would think.

    We take into account the general difficulty of each workout and also combine that with what we know about you to get as accurate as we can. If you ever see a workout that you think is really off, please let us know by contacting support and we can take a look.

    • ashleystone
      ashleystone over 2 years ago

      Thanks for the reply Andy! I can totally understand how it's a tough science, it's based on effort, body type etc. And I certainly didn't mean to sound like I was complaining I was just curious if anyone elses numbers seemed off. I generally watch my heartrate for the best numbers

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