Intelliburn? how does it work re: individuality?

  • It boasts about being so specific to your goals and performance.. but it never asks me my goals or if the workout was difficult or what level I had to do it on. All it does is see how I did on my challenge. If the workout even has one. I'm very frustrated here.... what's the point of the program if it just does whatever it wants and has nothing to base anything on. I might as well put some fitness DVD on repeat.... grrrrrr

    cheydakota   by: cheydakota
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    Jeffandailyburn  11 months ago by: Jeffandailyburn

    Intelliburn uses an algorithm to choose the following day's workout for you. It uses your gender, age, and your workout's progress during the current day's workout to decide the following day's workout. Your info can be found in your 'Profile settings'. for more support please contact us at

    • kmoran11
      kmoran11 10 months ago

      How does the program know your workout's progress during the current day's workout? Is this just based off of the challenge?

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