iPad app, doesn't register my workouts?

  • When I do the workouts with the iPad, it doesn't register that I finished the workout, also it doesn't register the challange scores either.

    Any one else with the same problem?

    JickedWim   by: JickedWim
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    Yseault  over 2 years ago by: Yseault

    Yes. I have the same problem. The only way I can get it to register is to go through the workout on the regular computer. My Ipad also crashes a lot.

    • tribalmissionary
      tribalmissionary over 1 year ago

      11 months later - and i'm having the same issues. App crashes, also doesn't record info.! Really frustrating!

    • nikkidemers1
      nikkidemers1 over 1 year ago

      Yep. Same here. Sometimes my IPad app will allow me to "finish", but most of the time it doesn't register. Frustrating when doing TBT and work so hard at it! I'd be rocking the daily points on Daily Burn otherwise! Grrrr....

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    efrisbee  over 2 years ago by: efrisbee

    Iphone DB version 2.1.3 has the same issue. It records the weight and challenges, but not the workout. Which is unfortunate because it seems you cannot easily go back after a time to redo a recently watched workout?

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    YankDownUnder  over 2 years ago by: YankDownUnder

    My Android Samsung Galaxy S2 has the same issue. I have to "resume" the final 2 seconds on my PC to get it to register.

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    50by25  over 2 years ago by: 50by25

    I have that problem on my Droid Bionic too...

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