Is 50% of calories from fat too much?

  • I'm still trying to get a clear answer to this question... I'm on day 7 of ignite and I seem to be getting about 50% of my calories from fat, granted they are all super healthy fats. I have met or come in low on all my calorie goals, but I thought my fat should be around 35%. when I try to reduce my fats down to a normal 35%, I can't seem to get enough protein or calories.

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    crb3ll  over 2 years ago by: crb3ll

    It is normal when you cut processed foods or foods with added sugar from your diet that your total calories come more from fat than from carbs and protein. Fat contains more energy (calories) per gram than carbs and protein (9 calories per gram vs 4 calories per gram), so when you remove many of the foods with added sugar or high carbohydrate density it's natural for the majority of your total calories for the day to come from fat.

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      KateHough 10 months ago

      I second this. A 50% fat diet can seem scary because of the traditional health advice that has told us to eat lowfat and whole grains for so long, but I actually find that I am slimmer, feel better, and have more energy on a high fat diet. I am hypoglycemic, so a diet over 50% helps me concentrate better at work, and I don't have the mood crashes that come when I am on the blood sugar roller coaster.

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