Is a vegan diet the best diet for our bodies?

  • I've been looking around on the web and there is some proof that a vegan (plant based not packaged vegan food) diet is a pretty healthy and effective road, I haven't tried it yet. They say that by cutting out animal products we are putting our body back to the way it was meant to function. On the flip side I've experimented with food and found that a no gluten/processed carb, high in essential fatty acids, high plant intake, about 12 oz of meat, with a couple of glasses of milk a day has made a significant change in my body (for the better, my diet loosely follows the zone diet). So is vegan or anyone diet better than the other?

    Dell   by: Dell
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    thedrc  5 months ago by: thedrc

    What I've found in my own life and in observing some struggles my friends have gone through with regard to diet is that, as long as it's balanced, there is no "bad" diet. Vegan, vegetarian, and omnivorous can all be healthful ways of eating. And it seems that no one diet is universally "better" for every individual than another.

    Vegan can be quite healthy, but it requires more work and planning to be sure it's truly balanced. I would suggest that it's more effort than most people care to devote to their daily diet. Those who do it mindfully, though, can certainly thrive without adverse effects.

    It seems like you're wondering if you should switch to a vegan diet given that you have success with your own omnivorous diet to which I'd say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Just be certain that the plants and meat/dairy you're eating are of the highest quality you can afford. The closer to fresh picked/locally grown/humanely raised/etc. the better (even if just in taste).

    Please note, I am not a dietitian or nutritionist. Take what I say as the anecdotal advice that it is.

    • Dell
      Dell 5 months ago

      I was contemplating changing over to it but I also had the same line of thought. I was just curious of others success or short comings with that particular lifestyle. I agree a balanced diet is the way to go, I will be sticking with my current path, Thanks for the advice :)

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    eleysanne  5 months ago by: eleysanne

    I'd agree with the above post, if you found something that works for you, stick to it.

    Rather than defining a diet by some sort of name or a set of rules, I'd focus on how you feel -- do you feel good? Are you healthy? Can you maintain a healthy weight? Is it doable and not too complicated to maintain given your job/other commitments? If yes, than that's great =)

    I'd definitely suggest focusing on whole foods of high quality, though, whichever diet you end up choosing.

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