Is an account in daily burn the same as an account in daily burn tracker??

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    lawson  about 2 years ago by: lawson

    Nope, they talk about this topic here - (3rd bullet point from the top) and here

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    Maaike  about 2 years ago by: Maaike

    Personally I like Daily Burn way better that Daily Burn Tracker. As a perfectionist the tracker drives me nuts. I easily spend way too much time obsessing about the details. For me this website works just, well, perfect ;)

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    GaryK  about 2 years ago by: GaryK

    I like to use them both. I like to track my eating habits. I know there are web sites and other apps like "Loseit" and "Gomeals" that track and I was using them for quite a while, but I like the trackers other benefits like the ability to add my recipes and see the nutritional values.

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    alexghafir12888  about 2 years ago by: alexghafir12888


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    dimsemenov  about 2 years ago by: dimsemenov

    It's very frustrating that there is no way to view statistics of workouts/weights/repetitions that I've finished on DailyBurn, as this is web app, not a videotape.

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    Superalzy  almost 2 years ago by: Superalzy

    I thought that when I signed up for a year with DB it would include the app. But nope. $60 for the year here and another $10/month for the app. I hope it's worth it.

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    brucelemieux6412960  about 2 years ago by: brucelemieux6412960

    No and I find it completely stupid, why pay 10$ / month to have the workout and pay another 10$/ month to have the nutrition. On the workout is great, but not the nutrition pages. And for dailyburn tracker the nutrition tracker is amazing, but the worker section is really poor.

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