is anyone else finding the dailyburn tracker app utterly useless?

  • 1. it has every workout under the sun EXCEPT it's affiliated dailyburn workouts as workout log options
    2. it kept kicking me out on both my phone and computer and wouldn't let me log back in
    3. it doesn't seem to recognize that I have this account, if it's from dailyburn it really should link to my dailyburn somehow

    Tamarisk   by: Tamarisk
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    TamaraDailyBurn  over 1 year ago by: TamaraDailyBurn

    I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with your Tracker account! Send a note and they can look into your issues with logging in to your account - they'll be happy to assist!

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    QueenB87  over 1 year ago by: QueenB87

    Ya I have android and mine really doesn't update and I don't see where I can refresh and what not. I am sure they are still working out some bugs, on all other devices it works great but I don't use the app much

    • QueenB87
      QueenB87 10 months ago

      I usually log onto the site at some point so I know what workout I should be on before I have to use the app so I can select the workout I need when I have to use my phone.

    • Acidique
      Acidique 10 months ago

      Ok, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't find my associated workouts through daily burn. So...we can't find daily burn workouts on the daily burn app? That seems a bit ridiculous...

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