Is anyone else following weight watchers?

  • My best friend and I are doing weight watchers to lose baby weight. I had my little girl in January. I gained ~gulp~ 60 pounds with her. So far I have lost half of it. Anyway, I can't make it to the gym like I used to so I joined daily burn for the exercise. I think some of my gym instructors were using exercises from here!

    JamiBuch   by: JamiBuch
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    kawaiola  almost 2 years ago by: kawaiola

    I was using WW for several months with very little success -- but a lot of that was me. I was doing the online only program, and without an outside system of accountability it was so easy for me to slack off with the tracking and the plan. I would go back and forth between phases of being hypervigilant about it and not doing at all for days. I I'm trying some other things now, but I am very much open to revisiting WW in the future.

    Good luck with it, let us know how it goes!

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    slshaw23  almost 2 years ago by: slshaw23

    I've always wanted to try weight watchers. Right now I am just tracking everything with this website called It works for me!

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    JamiBuch  almost 2 years ago by: JamiBuch

    Monday was my weigh day. I've lost ten pounds so far. We just finished week four, so I'm really pleased with my progress! I'm hoping daily burn will help me tone as I lose!

    • kawaiola
      kawaiola almost 2 years ago

      That's amazing! Congrats on your success so far :)

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