Is anyone interested in being my "workout buddy" on DB? :)

  • Looking to connect on this network with any fun, smart, motivated person, new or not-so-new to Daily Burn who'd be willing, interested to have me as a workout buddy (male or female). :)

    Aliaa   by: Aliaa
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    angelstar0204  5 months ago by: angelstar0204

    I just signed up for Daily Burn today and am planning on starting a program on Monday. I'd love to find a buddy on here too! I'm really motivated, love a challenge and absolutely do better when there is someone I'm "in it" with. Maybe we should all jump in as buddies together. Strength in numbers or something! :)

    • angelstar0204
      angelstar0204 5 months ago

      Perfect! Mine is Angel Frey Jimenez. Let me know if you have trouble finding me, I'm not sure what privacy settings I have. Thanks!

    • tcruz910
      tcruz910 5 months ago

      My FB name is Tiffany Cruz-O'Neal

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    Eager2bfit  5 months ago by: Eager2bfit

    I'm following Cody's KB program...I love this guy. He is awesome and his workouts :-)

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    rchilders14  5 months ago by: rchilders14

    I could use a "workout buddy" to help keep me accountable, what time zone are you in? I am in Texas so that would be central time.

    • Eager2bfit
      Eager2bfit 5 months ago

      my FB name is the same. Lia Libre created a FB page for DB'ers

    • sagecedars
      sagecedars 5 months ago

      Aliaa, could you add me as well, please? I've sent a request on the FB page - Kathleen Daughenbaugh. Thanks!!

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    bleon672  4 months ago by: bleon672

    I'd love to be your workout buddy, its hard to find people who follow along with DB especially since a lot of friends are with beachbody

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