Is Ignite a good choice for a first time breastfeeding mom?

  • Im a first time mother to my 3 month old baby girl. I Want to loose my baby weight and eat healthier for myself and my daughter and am not sure if a nutrition program is the right choice since I am breastfeeding. I try eating healthy to produce good milk but feel like its not helping me loose the baby weight.. Any Help?

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    nisabellathomas  about 1 year ago by: nisabellathomas

    I highly suggest you take the Ignite Quick Guide to your Dr/RNP to be certain it won't affect Your milk production. I am nursing my 2nd child (4 mos old) and was told it was fine except for the ban on dairy. The dietician I have been seeing suggested that although you can get enough calcium through other calcium rich foods, most people just don't eat enough of those to compensate and nursing mothers need even more than the recommended daily amount. I was advised to do exercises appropriate for my healing process (I am recovering from corrective surgery for prolapse) but was advised to be careful about any diet plan that would significantly reduce my caloric or nutritional intake until my baby is at least 6 mos old.
    I found that while some women lose a bunch of weight while nursing, others actually retain some extra weight while nursing and lose it after their baby weans (assuming they ate reasonably well and kept up their normal level of activity). I lost all my baby weight in the first 3 mos with baby #1 but with baby #2 I lost 10 lbs during the pregnancy and 10 more shortly after delivery but have slowly started to put the last 10 lbs back on. I have been in no physical condition to do a lot of standing or walking until just a couple weeks ago, so I am assuming the decreased activity level is responsible for the weight gain. If the recovery process from the C-section has been slow then you may have taken a bit longer to get back to a normal level of activity.
    I agree with MissDixieGlass that eating crap will keep you from losing weight. I also know that stabilizing and maintaining your milk supply in the first 6 mos is crucial for your baby, especially if you are breastfeeding exclusively. I would double check with someone (like your dr) who knows your particular circumstances before doing the 21 day Ignite, just to be safe. Someone on another thread suggested starting with the 2nd Balance Phase which seems to focus on healthy eating without completely eliminating anything from your diet. That may be a good option for you. Only you can decide what's best for you AND your baby. :)

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