Is Ignite really worth it?

  • I just started using Daily Burn after being signed up for a couple months. I was wondering if Ignite is really worth it. I have trouble following a meal plan because I tend to eat what I'm hungry for... although some days I'm not hungry and only eat becau

    LunaDawn   by: LunaDawn
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    rosskm01  3 months ago by: rosskm01

    We subscribed then got rid of it. We make sure we don't eat the evil 6, have a shake in the morning, each a leafy lunch, and then eat dinner at least 3 hours before bed. Thats really the whole basis of it. Not worth $5 since I just told you the basis of i

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    natombomb  3 months ago by: natombomb

    I don't follow the meal plan for ignite, but I try to follow the guidelines. I often find that weekends or special occasions are my downfall and I've re-ignited more times than I can count.

    That being said: I can tell a BIG difference in my body from

    • LunaDawn
      LunaDawn 3 days ago

      Thank you for your input. I'll have to think on it.

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