Is it normal for me to feel hungry all the time on Ignite?

  • My husband and I are on day 5 of Ignite. We are using a rice protein shake, and trying to eat protein + veggies + starchy carbs at meals (following the template) but nonetheless we feel hungry an hour or so after meals.
    1. Is this normal the first week, simmilar to low energy, and will go away?
    2. What can we eat to feel more full? And should my husband be having larger portions than me?

    szaim   by: szaim
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    mythicalgriffons  over 1 year ago by: mythicalgriffons

    I dont know if it is normal or not i havnt had to much trouble with it myself but i eat alot of veggies and if i do get hungry in between i just have a small salad of nothing but lettuce and some of the mustard vinegrette dressing they have in all the recipes. Lettuce is almost no calories and i dont have the protein bar snacks so i figure for me it evens out. I also eat egg whites in the morning instead of the protein shakes so maybe that makes a difference as well.
    As far as portion size i think their more a one size fits all with this plan.
    To be perfectly honest however your better off having a slightly larger portion or an extra healthy snack to feel full then always being hungry cause thats not very motivating and often leads to people saying well i am gonna take the day two a week...etc, im sure you get my point lol.

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    lainie_d06  over 1 year ago by: lainie_d06

    Water! Lots and lots of water! Snack on healthy fruits and veggies. I found after switching to a vegan diet, I actually eat more times a day than I did before. Always a mid-morning snack of fruit and a mid-afternoon snack of vegetables.

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    szaim  over 1 year ago by: szaim

    Thank you all for your input and suggestions. We have decided to stick it out and i'm already feeling a bit better. We have made small adjustments like upping the amount of protein in the morning shakes (we had been doing one scoop each, oops) and drinking more water. Seeing some results has also certainly helped with the motivation.

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    gbsngrl  over 1 year ago by: gbsngrl

    I had the same problem, and it was miserable. It was awful to feel hungry all the time, even though I was eating (what I thought) were really large portions of the meals and going over the calorie "limit". I eventually quit the formal ignite program and started eating whole grains and some dairy again. As soon as I added those back in small doses and went back to "normal" portion sizes, I felt like a million times better. I still avoid the sugars and alcohol though.

    Frankly, I just think going totally cold-turkey on so many things is tough on the body and in hindsight, not that great of an idea. I'm in the camp of mindful eating, eating a variety of foods, minimizing "bad" fats and excess sugars and exercising to lose or maintain weight.

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    rhaden  over 1 year ago by: rhaden

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