Is it normal to get headaches after working out?

  • I'm 18 and I work out 4 times a week for an hour each time. I did Cody's Tactical Cardio about 2 hours ago and I've had a pounding headache ever since. This is not uncommon but it doesn't necessarily happen every time either. Is there something I should be doing differently?

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    GaryK  almost 3 years ago by: GaryK

    I'm not a doctor and this is something to address with yours. My 1st thought is you may be dehydrated. I suggest drinking H2O at least two glasses 15 minutes before the work out and having a bottle of water with you DURING the work out. When the trainers suggest grabbing some water... Do it! Than after the work out - RE-hydrate! Drink some more water.
    Consult your physician before doing any strenuous work out.

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    juicymoosey  almost 3 years ago by: juicymoosey

    I agree with Gary, the most probable reason is dehydration. i play in a competitive women's netball team (it is a popular sport in the uk) and I often get headaches after matches where I have been on court for more than half of the game and funniliy enough, not so much if we play outdoors (so maybe ventilation plays a part). There is also a nice article on DB life about magnesium deficiency

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