Is it okay to cut Ignite down to a few main dishes?

  • It is too costly (time and money) for me to have a different meal every night. Any thoughts on picking out a few options and eating the same things over and over?

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    CarrieS  about 1 year ago by: CarrieS

    I like to do this. There shouldn't be a problem with eating the same meals every night.... nutritionally (as long as it is balanced). The only issue that may come up is if you get too bored with the same old thing, you may eventually attribute that to getting bored with the program and lose track. One thing you could do is cook in bulk on your day off, make enough for 4-5 nights. Then, next week, make a different recipe in bulk.

    Also, I have read that eating the same meals everyday is not a bad thing. In fact, doing so can actually cause you to eat less than you would if you ate something different everyday. Trust me, it's not for everyone, but is a big help when convenience, time, and money is a factor.

    • VickyCab81
      VickyCab81 10 months ago

      You can cook more of a protein and just switch up the sides. For example you can cook chicken and use it for a salad and then have it with veggies and brown rice. I always make a little extra to avoid having to cook so many meals.

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