Is it possible to add new recipes for review on Daily Burn?

  • I love to cook and after looking at the recipes available I felt there was a lot more to add especially for those who want to incorporate meals for the entire family. What I really want to know is if there is any way for me to submit a recipe for review to be possibly added to the recipes provided?

    AMixon379   by: AMixon379
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    TheodoraDailyBurn  5 months ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    We'll pass this on to our team, but this isn't currently a capability.

    • AMixon379
      AMixon379 5 months ago


    • natombomb
      natombomb 4 months ago

      Yep, I have taken the existing recipes and ran with them too. Its possible to make some really tasty and satisfying recipes while staying within the ignite guidelines!

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