Is it possible to modify the calendar of the workout I have chosen?

  • I chose Inferno but I am not exercising every day, only 3 days a week, so the daily workout shows it as if I were working out every day. But I still want a balanced workout. Is there a way to change the calendar settings or adjust when the workouts fall on what days?

    symmie   by: symmie
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    zetajen  over 1 year ago by: zetajen

    I had the same thought. If I skip a day, it would be nice if the program just shifted everything down a day.

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    andysmith  over 1 year ago by: andysmith

    Hey symmie,

    Inferno is a 21-day challenge so it is on a set calendar. Some of the other programs are progressions and not calendar based (Yoga and MOVE! for example).

    I'd suggest that if you are going to do the Inferno workouts and only want to do them a few times, you can just use the "Discover" feature to pick the best workout when you are ready to workout.

    • Galia
      Galia over 1 year ago

      Yew I have the same question! I'm even more confused because it seems there was something called dailyburn 'tracker' where you could modify the calendar as you wished, but I think that's and old version of dailyburn so perhaps they will be adding this to the new website soon??? I would love to modify my calendar to a few times a week rather than every-day and also start at a harder level than what i'm getting now. I'm doing the DBK (kettle balls programme) So at the moment i'm choosing my own class every time, but I would like to be following the calendar more :(

    • andysmith
      andysmith over 1 year ago

      Galia - "Tracker" is an old dailyburn site used for tracking calories, etc. (it's at and a completely different site). Thanks for the calendar suggestions!

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