Is it possible to request a workout program? I would really enjoy Justin teaching Tai Chi...

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    battalia  about 1 month ago by: battalia

    Agreed! Tai Chi would be an excellent exercise to add to my routine! I also think this is something a lot of people would get into.

    • dslack1070
      dslack1070 about 1 month ago

      If i could "like" this, I would.

    • gstadig
      gstadig about 1 month ago

      Tia Chi would be great!!

  • 1 vote
    Aynina7777  about 1 month ago by: Aynina7777

    I think that sounds really fun! I just started today, but I really enjoyed the first True Beginner work out, and Justin was an excellent trainer. I'd be interested in more videos with him!

    • Beauty1726
      Beauty1726 about 1 month ago

      Aynina, welcome to the DailyBurn! True Beginner workouts are awesome and I have to agree that he is an excellent trainer. Makes me feel that I am not completely behind the 8 ball on everything.

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    Depepsi  29 days ago by: Depepsi

    Agreed! Justin teaching Tai Chi would be an excellent addition to Daily Burn. I'd also like to see him teaching an Intermediate program based on Karate. My strength, agility and mobility has improved greatly on True Beginner.

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    KeraModel  28 days ago by: KeraModel

    Please DB give us Justin Tai Chi

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