Is it possible to workout too much, lose a ton of weight, and then suddenly gain it all back in a month?

  • I was working out really hard as if I were an athlete with something to prepare for. Of course, for the average person that isn't practical as well as time consuming. But I lost a ton of weight! I was getting so lean! I could even wear a pair of shorts that haven't fit me since JUNIOR HIGH. Granted, I'm not super over weight. I was just about twenty pounds over weight and I probably have seven more to go until I reach my goal. But I've had problems with my weight since the beginning of high school so you can imagine how good it felt to finally be at where I've been working toward for seven years. Anyway, I suddenly gained some of it back when I lessened my exercise because I caught a virus and it pretty much threw everything off. lol.
    I look more out of shape. I'm hanging over my jeans, getting little "saddle bags" and inner thigh fat for no reason! I just look puffy and bulgy. I'm just wondering if I spazzed my body out. I was also taking Vega which had Maca in it. Is it possible that I threw off my hormones with the spike in cortisol and the herbs in Vega?? I am grain free (paleo), soy free, gluten free, almost completely dairy free; I never drink alcohol, eat only natural sugar in moderation- I don't even eat stevia! What in the world is going on?

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