Is it worth my time to do Inferno?? What's my best option to get in the best shape I can before my vacation in EXACTLY 2 months?

  • I did Cardio Sculpt on and off, but never completely consistently. I would skip a day here or there. I've done P90X before and Insanity, and once again would skip certain days ( they were too repetitive ).
    I think Cardio Sculpt was just too long for me. I loved it, but I just couldn't stick with it.
    I also did the 24 day challenge through AdvoCare and along with Cardio Sculpt, lost 10 lbs. If i can find something that I know will work in the 2 months I have, I'm willing to 100% stick with it.
    Now my family and I are leaving on vacation to Florida in exactly 2 months and I want to get in the best shape...maybe even possibly wear a bikini!? I just don't know what's right for me!

    I tried Inferno today and literally was taking so many breaks and having a difficult time to get through it. Is it worth doing it if I can't even get through 1 Round without stopping, modifying, or breaking?

    What's my best options?

    sarahbspaulding   by: sarahbspaulding
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    Srippley  12 months ago by: Srippley

    I lost twenty pounds just doing cardio sculpt. It was not terribly hard and starts off easy and works your way up to more challenging videos.

    • KendraDailyBurn
      KendraDailyBurn 10 months ago

      That's awesome! Must feel great! What program are you doing now?

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    KendraDailyBurn  12 months ago by: KendraDailyBurn

    Maybe try Total Cardio? Find ways to make the workouts work for YOU - keeping you engaged and excited to come back for more :) Have fun!!

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