Is natural honey bad?

  • Looking for something to make coffee and tea less bitter- and water /lemon- is natural honey bad?

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    DamionJenkins13  about 1 year ago by: DamionJenkins13

    You must realize that honey, even in it's organic, natural form is calorie dense. BUT... if this is the only added sugar you are using all day (one serving in the morning, or afternoon) then the calories shouldn't be a problem. Just remember that no matter the source, sugar is something that will delay weight loss results.

    If you want a no calorie sweetener, I recommend using Organic Stevia Sweetener. It's 100% natural plant based and offers no calories.

    Another alternative is using light roast coffees (less bitter) and herbal teas that incorporate dried fruit, sweet flowers, and sometimes resins that offer natural sweetness like maple.

    Good Luck!

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